11th Bloodmobile Organiser (BMO) Seminar 2013

Good food, good view, good discussion. It was a great evening to meet the regular bloodmobile organisers (BMOs) again, and to talk a little more with the new blood that just joined the programme. The 11th BMO Seminar was conducted at The Pod @ National Library on 27 March 2013, Wednesday.

The theme was Saving Lives @ Blood Centres. Recently, two blood collection centres were opened at two other locations, Woodlands and Dhoby Ghaut, which aimed to bring further convenience to donors. Therefore, the highlight this year was put on organisers who had adopted the blood collection centres as their venue for blood donation drives. Before the start of seminar, case studies of 6 such organisations were featured through a short video.

The seminar began with updates from Singapore Red Cross and Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on the National Blood Programme. This was followed by Questions and Answers, and then a discussion among BMOs and HSA staff on the possibility to start using any of the three blood collection centres regularly as the blood donation drive venue for the organizers, and on how the volunteer ambassador programme could be incorporated into planning. This was facilitated by Red Cross staff. The discussion ended with a presentation from each group and constructive feedback received will be looked into by the Red Cross and HSA.

The first bloodmobile organizer seminar started 11 years ago as our BMOs were interested to know more about the National Blood Programme. The seminar provides a platform for our corporate and community partners to network and share their experiences in donor motivation and recruitment. Photos and powerpoint slides from this year’s seminar are ready for download.
BMO Seminar 2013 Group Discussion

BMO Seminar 2013 SRC Update


11th BMO Seminar 2013 Photos


  1. Ought to engage and rally more support from the Singapore Public Service (the Civil Service + Stats Boards)…

    Civil servants are supposedly to work for the people yet form just less than 1% of mobile organizers.

    Where is the public spirit for Singaporeans for Singapore?