O+ Urgently Needed this Week

Dear friends, thank you for your support in coming forth and donating blood. Our bloodstocks are on a slow recovery but we are still in urgent need of O+ blood. We are seeking O+ blood type donors to donate blood by this weekend and support the needs in hospitals. You can also help by sharing this message on your friends on your FB page. For enquiries and appointment, please call 6220 0183. Thank you.900 Units Needed


  1. Dear BDRP,

    I think it is time to contact the mass media to report news on “open mobilization” on the low stock level…

    You should email to all the mass media…


  2. Buay Lun Liao says:

    The blood bank only takes donations from those who will be residing in Singapore for six months thereafter, so that a donor can be traced when a blood transfusion is the suspected cause of infectious disease, said the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

    It pointed out this “long-standing precautionary measure” after an Indian national, who had only one month remaining on his Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), was turned away at the blood bank on October 20.

    Diseases which can be transmitted through transfusions include hepatitis B and C, as well as the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS. It may take several months after a transfusion before blood recipients develop symptoms of some diseases, said an HSA spokesperson.

    Although there are blood-screening processes in place, infected blood may still creep into the system during “window periods” – when a donor’s infection is undetectable by current available laboratory tests.

    “It is critical that all donors provide truthful information about their health, travel and other activities that may affect the safety of the blood collected before donation,” the spokesperson said.

    The HSA requires all blood donors to show official proof – such as an identification card or work permit – of a Singapore residential address for at least six months thereafter.

    On October 20, Mr Suraj Raj, who had donated blood five times in India, visited the blood bank after learning about the urgent appeal for O+ blood but the 28-year-old former bank manager was turned away, despite telling HSA staff that he had applied for an extension to his LTVP.

    His wife, Ms Aarthy Ramarao, wrote to the media subsequently, questioning why a willing and healthy potential donor was turned away. The HSA has written to her explaining why her husband was denied giving blood.

    The HSA told TODAY that three in 10 prospective donors are told to return at a later date or not allowed to donate blood, usually because they have low haemoglobin levels, or are on medication or recovering from illnesses. They may also have fine veins, making it difficult to draw blood.

    Those who have recently travelled to malaria-endemic areas are also not allowed to donate blood temporarily, said the HSA.

    The key criteria for donors are listed on the HSA website.

    – 10/23/2013 11:30 | By TODAY via Channelnewsasia.com